Our Vision

Ryan and Adriel Booker

About the Bookers:

Ryan and Adriel Booker have been serving as full-time volunteers in Youth With A Mission for the last fifteen years, where they have been based in Australia and have worked in and out of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. They began on the mission field as singles, met and fell in love, and continue to serve in a missions capacity as they now raise their beautiful, energetic children.

The Bookers believe that ‘missions work’ encompasses everything from urban life tackling inner city issues to working for community development in the remotest of villages; they truly love both and hope to always follow where God leads, whether there are concrete sidewalks and traffic jams or muddy paths and dugout canoes. Ryan and Adriel believe wholeheartedly that Jesus has given Hope to the Church and that it’s the privilege of the Church to extend that Hope to the world.

During the last decade and a half, the Bookers have served in all sorts of leadership roles in the areas of discipleship and mentoring, teaching and preaching, equipping leaders, youth work, administration and finance, communications and storytelling, running camps and leading outreach teams, hosting church teams, facilitating conferences, counseling young couples during dating and engagement, training young people for cross-cultural missions work, and raising their own babies. In this next season of ministry, the Bookers are excited to launch a new urban missions initiative in the heart of Sydney’s inner city.

Please follow us on social media on our facebook page, twitter, instagram, or by using the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfSydney!

For the Love of Sydney fb header

Our dream and vision for Sydney, Australia:

  • To work for unity among believers and to encourage and resource the local Church.
  • To serve the inner city by loving those who are often marginalized (including youth, the homeless, immigrants, the urban poor, and others), and then work toward influencing the city as a whole, with a diverse approach that matches the complexity of the city.
  • To equip believers to walk with Jesus and live a missional lifestyle in whatever sphere of society they are called to live and work in.
  • To mobilize a generation of believers to reach within their neighborhoods and beyond their borders and introduce the world to the Hope of Jesus.

Our ministry philosophy and approach:

Jesus came to show us what incarnational ministry looks like, and we believe we’re most effective when we also take an incarnational approach. In the book of John, chapter one it says that Jesus became flesh and blood and moved into our neighborhood. That is exactly the sort of organic, grassroots approach we want to take in Sydney — we want to move into neighborhoods, become a part of them, and quite literally love our neighbors well.

Because cities are complex and diverse, we believe that reaching Sydney means that our strategy must be dynamic and multifaceted. Our vision is to create a network of ministries that are decentralized but connected by relationship, shared values, and mutual accountability, encouragement, and support. Our dream is to have small, specialized teams scattered all through the city, working in different neighborhoods, spheres of society,* socio-economic groups, and ethnic/linguistic groups.


*Spheres of society: arts and entertainment, the media, education, family, science and technology, commerce, government, and the church.


2 thoughts on “Our Vision

  1. Hi we have never met but my fiancé and I just stared attending Westside in Bend, OR and I was perusing through the missionaries they support. When I saw you guys are at the Townsville Base I just had to make a quick connection. That was the base I did my DTS 11 years ago. The base has grown so much since then but that is where the fire was really lit for me and missions. I hope all is going well for you guys down there. Blessings

    • Hi Hannah! It is a small world isn’t it? We will have to meet up when Levi and I are home next week! We’ll be at all three services on the weekend of March 27/28. Please be sure to come introduce yourself. 🙂

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