When a bank robber becomes a brother

It had been a full and fruitful outreach onboard the YWAM Medical Ship in one of the least-reached and most under-developed areas of Papua New Guinea. We had one day left in the country before heading back to Australia and we set out with a small group of teammates in hopes of experiencing a little [...]

Teenagers? World-changers? Same difference.

It's been a full season for us - our trip to America, coming back and boarding the YWAM Medical Ship for outreach in the Western Province of PNG, and then returning to home base for teaching-teaching-teaching. As soon as we returned to Australia, I (Adriel) had the privilege of being the guest speaker on two [...]

Two weeks in the Hotel of God {500 billion star rating}

By Ryan Just recently Adriel, Levi, 19 students from around the world, 5 staff and I packed up our stuff, dusted of our camp gear and went bush for 2 weeks to see God in new ways. We left Townsville and headed to Paluma range, as we headed up we fought of travel sickness from [...]

Kicking off another DTS

Can you believe it's time again? Another Discipleship Training School (DTS) is starting with 19 students (6 boys and  13 girls) from 5 different nations. They come from Australia, America, Austria, UK and New Zealand. What a joy to see the young people of the nations come together! We also have five staff helping with [...]