An Aussie guy in PNG: Seeing beauty from the bow of a ship

By Ryan As I push myself back into the red leather of my airplane seat I stretch out my legs into the back of the seat in front of me trying to getting comfortable and I start to reflect on what I am about to embark on with my wife and son still at home. [...]

Give the gift of life to your own mom this Mothers Day

You wouldn't believe how simple it is to save the lives of women and children in Papua New Guinea.... This Mothers Day, why don't you consider giving the gift of life for moms who need our help on behalf of your own mom? Here's how:

You can help save lives of mothers and babies in Papua New Guinea

Do you remember this story? It's the one about the four healthy mamas and four healthy babies born in Australia... in stark contrast to the ones who aren't so lucky in Papua New Guinea... In rural PNG 1 in 7 women die is childbirth - a number that is not only disturbing, but can be [...]

Working side-by-side with God in Papua New Guinea

(photo credit: YWAM Medical Ships - I Want to Live) It's been a long time coming... and Ryan is finally on outreach in PNG on the YWAM Medical Ship where we have teams of dentists, nurses, doctors, optometrists, and primary health care workers, as well as Discipleship Training School students all working together to serve [...]