Thank you Judah

How an unborn* child has taught us to give thanks a little deeper. [38 weeks and five days pregnant - Judah's birthday] There are a thousand things I am thankful for. Literally. I’m sure I could write on and on about the good things in my life, the good things I see around me, and [...]

Happy Easter from our family to yours

Easter is such a fun time of year - the bunnies, the brightly colored eggs, sweet candy, and rich chocolate... dressing up for church, feasting on big meals, getting a day off work, pretty flowers. We enjoy all of those things. The traditions and fanfare of it all can be so much fun. But more [...]

Celebrating my first momiversary

Being a mom has pushed me to the limits of what I’ve experienced so far in my thirty-three years. I’ve felt crushing insecurity at times and steady confidence at others. I’ve been exhausted and exhilarated. I’ve been confused and I’ve questioned. Sometimes I’ve trusted my gut. And other times I’ve floundered. I’ve rocked him in [...]