Six little bundles of joy

We've had a little baby boom around here. This year, six women - who all happen to be my friends and coworkers in YWAM Townsville - have given birth... to these angels: L-R: Caius (7.5mth), Lucy (16wks), Sage (12wks), Monty (6wks), Judah (6wks), Resina (3wks). There are now six more (super-cute) reasons that the world is a [...]

Dedicated to God

This weekend we had Levi’s baby dedication at church. As parents, Ryan and I believe that children are a gift from God, and that becoming parents means that we are entrusted with the awesome responsibility and privilege of raising them to the best of our ability. To us, having a baby dedication ceremony is merely [...]

Four healthy mamas. Four healthy babies. And many not so lucky.

Last year three of my friends and I all planned to have our babies naturally with the assistance of a midwife through our local birthing center. All four of us ended up needing to be transferred to the hospital and having medical interventions for four difference sets of reasons. As difficult as it was in [...]