It’s true. We’re boarding a ship and taking the entire family to Papua New Guinea.

We believe with our whole hearts that the entire family is called to make a difference in the world. Yes, we just unpacked our bags… but we’re getting ready to pack them up again!! In two-and-a-half weeks we head to Papua New Guinea to live on board this thing for a stint: (How cool—and crazy—is [...]

What in the world is happening in PNG??

The YWAM Medical Ship has now been in Papua New Guinea for just over a month with this year’s outreaches. The teams of volunteers are doing great. Ryan and I can’t wait to join them aboard the ship with the boys in August! Here are some stories and updates from May in PNG: Post-partum mum [...]

Only the beginning…

Two-thousand-six was one of the best years of my life. I had moved from YWAM Brisbane to YWAM Perth the year before to work with an urban ministry called Megacities. I spent most of 2006 in that year's Megacity: Cairo, Egypt. It was an exciting, challenging, adventurous, educational, heart-breaking, stretching, and thrilling year. I loved [...]

An Aussie guy in PNG: Seeing beauty from the bow of a ship

By Ryan As I push myself back into the red leather of my airplane seat I stretch out my legs into the back of the seat in front of me trying to getting comfortable and I start to reflect on what I am about to embark on with my wife and son still at home. [...]