Skate boards, ships, and sleeping on floors… it’s outreach time!

Reporting from the field. Our three outreach teams are currently on assignment in New Zealand, outback Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Three very different outreaches and countless wonderful stories of God working through committed and available young people! They are working in villages and cities, with children and the elderly, in high schools and churches, [...]

Outreach begins in a matter of hours…

DTS lecture phase has come to a sweet end. Ryan and I were reflecting at dinner last night over the last three months and recounting some of the great things God has done in our own lives, and also the many things He's done right before our eyes in so many others' lives. What a [...]

Quick outreach update

We've just returned from "local outreach" in Palm Island and Mt. Isa with the DTS. It was a great time to see the students in action and lives being touched in these Aboriginal communities. In two-and-a-half weeks we begin our overseas outreach with teams going to Papua New Guinea, Outback Australia, and New Zealand. Ryan [...]

Time for outreach: the land of the “long white cloud”

                  Well friends… outreach is upon us once again! We’ve prayed, we’ve planned, and now we’ve divided up our 22 DTS students and 5 staff into 3 outreach teams. One team will have a youth focus in Northern Queensland (mostly country towns, or “outback” towns as Americans would [...]