Introducing Umi and Project Baby Bilum

Meet baby Umi: When I met Umi she was eleven weeks old and weighed just under five pounds. At an age where babies are normally holding their heads up, beginning to roll over, smiling, and babbling, Umi had not yet reached my son’s birth weight and was barely able to grasp onto my finger. Umi’s [...]

What in the world is happening in PNG??

The YWAM Medical Ship has now been in Papua New Guinea for just over a month with this year’s outreaches. The teams of volunteers are doing great. Ryan and I can’t wait to join them aboard the ship with the boys in August! Here are some stories and updates from May in PNG: Post-partum mum [...]

Back from the bush

  Camping was amazing. It rained for much of the time. Good, since it cools things down... and bad, since it's wet. And muddy. And loud. (Have you ever heard thundering rain on a tin shed roof? That's where Ryan and I were teaching for the week.) We co-taught on the Lordship of Christ to [...]

Only the beginning…

Two-thousand-six was one of the best years of my life. I had moved from YWAM Brisbane to YWAM Perth the year before to work with an urban ministry called Megacities. I spent most of 2006 in that year's Megacity: Cairo, Egypt. It was an exciting, challenging, adventurous, educational, heart-breaking, stretching, and thrilling year. I loved [...]