Working side-by-side with God in Papua New Guinea

(photo credit: YWAM Medical Ships - I Want to Live) It's been a long time coming... and Ryan is finally on outreach in PNG on the YWAM Medical Ship where we have teams of dentists, nurses, doctors, optometrists, and primary health care workers, as well as Discipleship Training School students all working together to serve [...]

Preparing for Papua New Guinea

Ryan will be going on outreach to Papua New Guinea with the Medical Ship for three weeks, leaving soon*. While there, he will be providing oversight to the staff and volunteers on the ship and will jump in along-side the medical workers and field staff to lend a hand wherever possible. As a family we've [...]

Look what you’re a part of!

As promised we wanted to give you a recap of what happened on the latest YWAM Medical Ship outreach to Papua New Guinea. Here's a short video (under three minutes!) to show you what you've been a part of through us. We hope you enjoy it and get excited about what God is doing for [...]

The gift that keeps on giving

This week was my birthday. I sat eating the yummy breakfast that Ryan had made me and stared at the table full of gifts set out before me. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of presents… a little embarrassed in fact. Undeserving. You see we are in the middle of fundraising for our upcoming trip [...]