Look what you’re a part of!

As promised we wanted to give you a recap of what happened on the latest YWAM Medical Ship outreach to Papua New Guinea. Here's a short video (under three minutes!) to show you what you've been a part of through us. We hope you enjoy it and get excited about what God is doing for [...]

The gift that keeps on giving

This week was my birthday. I sat eating the yummy breakfast that Ryan had made me and stared at the table full of gifts set out before me. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of presents… a little embarrassed in fact. Undeserving. You see we are in the middle of fundraising for our upcoming trip [...]

Four healthy mamas. Four healthy babies. And many not so lucky.

Last year three of my friends and I all planned to have our babies naturally with the assistance of a midwife through our local birthing center. All four of us ended up needing to be transferred to the hospital and having medical interventions for four difference sets of reasons. As difficult as it was in [...]

Our ship has come in. Literally.

Last weekend we got to welcome the YWAM Medical Ship back from Papua New Guinea! It was so exciting to see friends again, see our ship in action as it sailed into port, and hear the personal stories and reports of lives touched through our most recent medical outreach. Stay tuned for more about the [...]