Got questions? We got answers.

You’ve asked, so we’ve answered… We thought we’d answer some frequently asked questions all in one spot. Read ‘em all or skip to the one you’re interested in. Thanks for caring about our family and about our work as we … Continue reading

How a little vintage camper is teaching us about rest+work+play+life

So… we’ve done it. We’ve moved into a tiny home — a vintage caravan actually — where we’ll spend the next 6-10 months learning how to “live small so we can live big.” As much as financial implications, family stability, … Continue reading

A Radical Sabbatical report and our launch into… Sydney!

As a family we’ve now transitioned from the much-needed “rest” part of our sabbatical into the “preparation” phase as we pray, plan, and prepare to head to Sydney. It’s exciting to see things beginning to come together as we give … Continue reading

Our most amazing ever Christmas gift ever… that was awesome and amazing… and still is awesome… and will be forever. And ever. (Awesome, that is. Like amazingly awesome.)

You guys. YOU GUYS. This: We never actually posted anything on the blog about our car since we’re pretty sure almost our entire network of friends and family follow us on facebook anyway (and would have seen our news there). … Continue reading