Rock stars for Jesus

Last week we welcomed over fifty new students to our ministry center… We’ve got a new Discipleship Training School (DTS) underway, our Intro to Primary Health Care School (IPHC), a School of Music in Missions (SOMM), and a Staff Leadership Internship (SLI). All of our schools are designed to help young people grow in their [...]


Two weeks in the Hotel of God {500 billion star rating}

By Ryan Just recently Adriel, Levi, 19 students from around the world, 5 staff and I packed up our stuff, dusted of our camp gear and went bush for 2 weeks to see God in new ways. We left Townsville and headed to Paluma range, as we headed up we fought of travel sickness from [...]

Back from the bush

We’ve just returned from camping at Hidden Valley with the Discipleship Training School! Ryan was there for two weeks with the school, and Levi and I joined him for four days. (Levi and I left early due to rain. Ever tried to entertain an active, crawling baby in a tent for more than a few [...]

We are a teaching family

I just finished a week teaching on Missions on the DTS. Although I've done some teaching since Levi was born, it was the first time I've done an entire week. Ryan took him to work early so that I could get ready on my own in the mornings, then I'd come down to the base [...]