Thank you Judah

How an unborn* child has taught us to give thanks a little deeper. [38 weeks and five days pregnant - Judah's birthday] There are a thousand things I am thankful for. Literally. I’m sure I could write on and on about the good things in my life, the good things I see around me, and [...]

Six little bundles of joy

We've had a little baby boom around here. This year, six women - who all happen to be my friends and coworkers in YWAM Townsville - have given birth... to these angels: L-R: Caius (7.5mth), Lucy (16wks), Sage (12wks), Monty (6wks), Judah (6wks), Resina (3wks). There are now six more (super-cute) reasons that the world is a [...]

We still need some help getting ready for baby (due in 4.5 weeks!)

A few people have asked how they can help with baby’s arrival. The truth is, we don’t need much... but we do need some! It wasn’t that long ago that Levi was a baby himself… and since baby is a boy we are more than set in the clothes department… especially baby socks. We have [...]