Cyclone Yasi update

Latest update: 2 February 12:30pm Some of you have been emailing and asking about us in relation to Cyclone Yasi off the coast of Queensland. At the moment it is due to hit our area on Wednesday night between 10-12pm. (Tuesday in America.) It's currently classified as a category 5 cyclone, meaning that extremely high [...]

Pack your bags

What would you do if you were given three hours to pack up whatever you could fit into you car and told to leave for higher ground? Thousands in my own state had to answer that question today. {pause} Two weeks ago we returned home from our amazing white Christmas holiday in America. And as [...]

Fundraising for our trip – Can you help??

UPDATE as of 29 Oct: We have received $1500 toward our goal of $5000! We need to raise approximately $5000 for our upcoming trip to Sydney and America. This includes airfares for all three of us, conference fees and accommodation for the YWAM Jubilee, and food. Here's where we're up to so far: Update Fundraiser [...]

Four healthy mamas. Four healthy babies. And many not so lucky.

Last year three of my friends and I all planned to have our babies naturally with the assistance of a midwife through our local birthing center. All four of us ended up needing to be transferred to the hospital and having medical interventions for four difference sets of reasons. As difficult as it was in [...]