You can help save lives of mothers and babies in Papua New Guinea

Do you remember this story? It's the one about the four healthy mamas and four healthy babies born in Australia... in stark contrast to the ones who aren't so lucky in Papua New Guinea... In rural PNG 1 in 7 women die is childbirth - a number that is not only disturbing, but can be [...]

Testifying of God’s goodness to us

We wanted to take some time to TESTIFY about the faithfulness of God while we were away in America and Spain. God has just been so good to us and we want glory to go to HIM… and for you to be blessed with faith for what you’re trusting God for too. Before a list of highlights, [...]

There’s no place like home

“Is it hard coming back from Spain?” That’s the question on everyone’s lips as we make the transition home after our time away. Depending on the moment asked, you may get a different answer from either of us. BUT, we will say it’s great to be home! We missed our little apartment, the mobility of [...]

Revelations and orange trees en Espania

After a great time travelling in the States, visiting family and friends and Adriel’s home church, we finally made it to Espania! We’ve been here doing a Leadership Development Course that’s specifically designed for YWAM leaders who have been in major ministry positions for five years or more. It’s a course to help equip us [...]