The gift that keeps on giving

This week was my birthday. I sat eating the yummy breakfast that Ryan had made me and stared at the table full of gifts set out before me. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of presents… a little embarrassed in fact. Undeserving. You see we are in the middle of fundraising for our upcoming trip [...]

By God, it’s a mountain bike!

On Sunday night Ryan and I were eating a yummy roast dinner in celebration of Fathers Day and reflecting on how much we have to be grateful for and how rich we are. Of course we have an incredible marriage, an adorable baby boy in perfect hearth, and amazing families. We have good friends, a [...]

Back from the bush

We’ve just returned from camping at Hidden Valley with the Discipleship Training School! Ryan was there for two weeks with the school, and Levi and I joined him for four days. (Levi and I left early due to rain. Ever tried to entertain an active, crawling baby in a tent for more than a few [...]

Going green for baby’s bum

I recently applied for a grant for cloth diapers available to missionary families... and just found out that we received it! We are receiving a package of 15 all-in-one cloth diapers by BumGenius, as well as inserts/liners, cloth wipes, cleaner, and two wet-bags. In Australia the 15 diapers alone would cost us $570 (at $38 [...]