The Grown-Ups



Ryan is a pastor at heart. He loves helping people understand the nature and character of God and discover their own identity in Christ. He’s a sought-after preacher and teacher, a compassionate listener and wise mentor, a faithful discipler and a constant champion of young people. He loves to search for gold in the heart of others and help unearth potential and talent where they might not see it themselves.

Ryan was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and has been serving full-time with YWAM since 2001. Before joining YWAM, Ryan worked for nine years as a tradesman and served as a youth minister in his church. Ryan’s crazy about sports (rugby, football, soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, kayaking, you name it), gadgets and tech and all things Mac, and creating things with his hands (woodwork, gardening, etc.). He’s a big fan of watching movies and sports, camping, baking, and the Cronulla Sharks. Ryan even believes the Sharkies might someday win the series (but the rest of us know it’s doubtful).


Adriel is a communicator and mobilizer at heart. Her constant desire is to gather and equip the church to serve the poor, the oppressed, the hurting, and the marginalized. She’s passionate about justice issues, empowering women, developing leaders, and parenting the next generation. She’s a writer and blogger, a bible teacher and preacher, and loves to dream about what heaven on earth looks like.

Adriel was born in California, raised in Oregon, and has served full-time in YWAM since 2000. Before joining YWAM, Adriel worked for four years in communications and public/media relations for the local government; prior to that she worked for four years in a preschool. Adriel is a book nerd, music-lover, and HGTV addict enthusiast. She adores sunny days at the beach, camping, “birthy” stuff, studying theology, world travel, and sleeping in.


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