Pray for Us

We are unable to do what we do without prayer support from other believers. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us. You are a crucial part of our team.

Prayer Requests

(Updated November 2016)

  1. Planning and decision-making wisdom for when to run our first Discipleship Training School (and other projects and programs).
  2. A release of the right staff member(s) to join us in the work.
  3. Adriel’s book landing on the right publisher’s desk (this is currently in process).
  4. Strength, resources, and time for Ryan to finish renovation projects on our YWAM house.
  5. Personal and ministry finances.
  6. Schooling decisions surrounding the boys.
  7. New friendships to develop and flourish in Sydney and around our neighborhood (Newtown) specifically.

Would you like to join our private prayer team?

If you’d like to join our regular prayer team, please contact us and we’ll add you to our private facebook prayer group.

Prayer page last updated: November 2016 

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