Pray for Us

We are unable to do what we do without prayer support from other believers. Thank you (times a million!) for taking the time to pray for us. You are a crucial part of our team.

Right now, we would LOVE your prayer as we’ve recently launched our #GrowCampaign. The #GrowCampaign is what will ultimately help us get into inner Sydney where we feel God’s calling us to plant our ministry – a YWAM base focused on urban missions. We believe God doesn’t lead us to go into debt in his name… so we can’t move into the city until we have the means to do so.🙂

Prayer Requests

(Updated April 2015)

  1. Pray for the health of Adriel and our new baby (due in November).
  2. Pray for a sprit of wisdom and breakthrough for both of us as we prepare for several teaching engagements. These are generally week-long speaking engagements with 15 hours of content and ministry times—a type of ministry that is both exhilarating and tiring. . . and always an incredible privilege.
  3. Pray for us as we drive back across Australia in mid/late April: safety, family fun, and God’s provision for many, many, many tanks of gas and patience with one another. {smile} Although our trip west was great, we were a bit pressured for time. (Needing to replace Vinnie’s breaks at the last minute set us back nearly a week.) We plan to take two weeks to drive back across, which will be much more enjoyable for the littles and for the drivers.
  4. Pray for God’s leading as we seek to find a home in the Newtown area (inner Sydney) during the second half of this year. Pray that we’ll hear from him clearly about how to pursue housing and for the miracle of provision that we’ll need in order for it to become a reality. (Our rent will be quadrupling from what we were paying in Townsville.) This feels like a beast to us, but we’re continually reminding ourselves to look to the promise, not the giants. God has a home for us. . . we just need to find it!
  5. Pray for divine leading as we continue to plan and pray into the ministry formation of a new YWAM base in inner Sydney. We’re aware that the enemy would love to thwart our plans and that we need the covering of God’s people that comes through focused prayer. Pray for God’s kingdom to COME through this ministry he’s entrusting to us.
  6. Wisdom to know how and when to accept staff to our team and the right housing to accommodate them.
  7. Pray that we would see new supporters join our team to meet the deficit that’s coming in June, as well as for those who would help us to reach our increased budget so we can physically move into Sydney.

Please pray God would bring us the following ministry partners to help us grow:

Partner in the planting


Would you like to “till the soil” and help us grow by joining our prayer team?

If you’d like to join our regular prayer team, please contact us and we’ll add you to our private facebook prayer group.

Prayer page last updated: April 2015 

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