The Kids

Meet the world’s greatest kids — Levi, Judah, and Micah Booker: booker-boys

Levi Scott

Our beautiful first-born son, Levi Scott, was born in January 2010. Levi means “joined” and in the Bible he was the head of the priestly tribe who represented God to mankind, and mankind to God. Levi means “to join people to God” and that is our prayer for his life. Scott is for Adriel’s dad.

Levi is sensitive, creative, witty, and sharp as a tack. He’s totally into superheroes, cars and monster trucks, reading, dinosaurs, lego spaceships, riding his bike, dancing, and music. He asks for a family dog nearly once a week and he wants to be a superhero when he grows up. Levi amazes us with his perceptiveness and intellect and we have to constantly remind him that he’s not sixteen. He has the most stunning dark brown eyes and long eyelashes and we’re kinda smitten with him.

Judah Matthew

Judah Matthew is our gorgeous second-born son, born in September 2011. Judah has a two-fold meaning: to call on the name of Yahweh (God), and to confess, give praise, or offer thanks to God. Matthew means gift of God, which he is and has been since the moment we learned of his existence.

Judah is full of energy, volume, and character. He is charming, sweet, crazy-smart, and wildly determined. Judah adores his big brother and likes to play with all the same things. He has a knack for getting dirty and loves a good wrestle. He’s a lover and a fighter — massively physical whether it’s smothering us with cuddles and kisses or crash tackling us and throwing punches (we’re working on curbing that). Judah is a force to be reckoned with and he constantly surprises us, baffles us, and makes us laugh. He has the most heart-melting smile and dimples and is teaching us what fierce love looks like. We adore this kid.

Micah Ezekiel

Micah Ezekiel is our newest son, born in September 2016. Micah means “who is like our God?” and—to us—that question spurs several thoughts: God is kind, faithful, generous, gracious, compassionate, and good. Micah is our little gift who comes from our good God and who reflects his goodness to a world in desperate need of it. Ezekiel means “God strengthens.” Often times when praying for Micah while Adriel was pregnant, God impressed on our hearts that he would be a strong boy. Even as a newborn we’re seeing that to be true. He was born big, healthy, and incredibly strong.

All of our children are a joy to us, and Micah is no exception. He’s stretched our hearts even bigger with love and we couldn’t be more proud or honored to be his parents. It will be fun to see his personality and interests develop as the years go on.

Our babies in heaven

We’ve lost three little ones to miscarriage and can’t wait to meet them when Jesus makes all things new: Scarlett Grace (April 2013), Oliver David (July 2014), and Ruby Hannah (April 2015).


3 thoughts on “The Kids

  1. All the best on your mission in Dunedin & Tamiru!

    Here’s hoping you have a safe & healthy journey on your mission as soon to be parents.


    ps. (I went to SSCS with Koronae)

  2. Hi you two, sorry three, great to catch up with your blog and so good to have met you. Have a lovely blessed christmas. Good memories of your time in Dunners.

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