We’d love to connect with you

If you’d like to stay connected with us, the best way is through our family newsletter, which we send out about three or four times a year. It does include some news bites, but more than that it’s a letter meant to encourage you.

The other best way—yes, there are two—is by joining our private ministry support network on facebook. Because of the nature of our work, we don’t post regular updates online through blog posts and public social media, so this group stands in place of that.

Of course we also hang out on instagram (Adriel here and Ryan here and our YWAM ministry account here), and all the overflow gets spilled out on Adriel’s blog.

For more on our ministry, you can dig around all sorts of pages (and our YWAM blog) over on our ministry website for YWAM Sydney Newtown.

Mailing address:
Ryan & Adriel Booker
PO Box 131
Newtown, NSW 2042

Email address:
ryanandadriel @ gmail . com