A gift for the mom who has everything… and nothing

For seven years Ryan and I have been using Mother’s Day as an annual reminder to deeply consider the needs of women in developing nations.


Did you know that (according to the World Health Organization) one woman dies in childbirth every minute? This number is shocking, but it really hits home when you consider the “one” and think of her by name. That’s what happened when we met Bokoro during one of our outreaches to Papua New Guinea.

It’s because of women like Bokoro (and Aipa—pictured above) that we’re in our third year of funding the Love A Mama Collective’s Midwifery Scholarship for Jerina, a young woman in rural India.


Jerina serves in an area of India that has the same population as the whole of Australia… but they have only 18 OBGYNs for the entire region. (Think about that for a sec—that’s like having 18 OBGYNs in all of Australia.) Not only is Jerina committed to become a nurse-midwife herself, but she wants to help multiply maternal health training for rural birth attendants all throughout her area.

If you’d like to give toward Jerina’s third year of midwifery training, please donate here. We will send you a printable thank you card so you can let your mom or wife know you’ve donated on her behalf.

Please consider this wonderful gift for the mom who has everything… and the mom who has nothing. DONATE HERE.

With love,
Adriel & Ryan

The Love A Mama Collective is a ministry of YWAM Sydney Newtown.

p.s. For every donation made to this year’s Love A Mama Mother’s Day Drive, you’ll be entered into a drawing from the Love A Mama Collective to win a Mum+Bub Smartband. (Like a FitBit, but heaps more features for moms.)



Please pray and give thanks with our family:

Please pray:

1. Adriel’s book (manuscript due July 2017).

2. Booker’s personal finances—we urgently need additional monthly supporters.

3. Funding for this year’s Love A Mama Midwifery Scholarship.

4. Discernment for when to run our first Discipleship Training School (DTS).

5. Staff for YWAM Sydney Newtown.

Give thanks:

1. A large, unexpected donation to YWAM Sydney Newtown to help with ministry start up costs.

2. Adriel & Micah will head to Oregon for a quick trip to attend a family reunion and her grandparents’ 90th birthdays. (End of May.)


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