We’re having a (book) baby

Do you ever feel like it’s hard to see what God’s doing around you but then you look back over your shoulder in reflection and it all seems so clear?

Yeah, me too.

Writing has been like that for me, but things are changing… Although the contract was first offered in November, we’re pleased to officially share our awesome news: I have signed a two book deal (with Baker Books in the USA) and my first book will release next year! It’s both thrilling and slightly terrifying. The many stories of God’s faithfulness to lead us to this point are wild and we are humbled and thankful that God trusts our family to broaden our influence in this way.

Adriel Booker book deal

Since marrying in 2008, Ryan and I have always said the core of our life mission together has three components:

1) helping others know the life-changing goodness of God;
2) helping them discover who they are in—and because of—Christ; and
3) helping them find their place in the world with purpose and intention.

There are a thousand vocational avenues we could take with those three things as our core, and it’s been a joy (and a sometimes a challenge) from year to year to see how our daily work and ministry morphs and flows while keeping aligned to our core mandate from Jesus. This book project is simply an extension of our life mission, and we’re full of faith that the timing is right to expand our ministry in this way. Please pray for us—it’s a huge learning curve, a vulnerable endeavor, and a lot of very hard work.

Thank you for your encouragement and support! (And read more about the book here if you’d like to know what it’s about and how the deal happened.)

With love,
Adriel for the family


2017 Financial Update

At the beginning of this year our two largest supporters (our home churches) had to cut their support by 45% (for reasons not personal to us). At the same time some of our other supporters have experienced financial hardship and fell behind on their monthly giving. Because of this we aren’t currently able to meet our living and ministry expenses and have acquired some recent debt. At the risk of sounding alarmist, we need to double our support base immediately in order to carry on with our life and ministry in Sydney. Our need is great. It is also more urgent than we’ve ever experienced in our 17 years on the mission field. Please consider helping us by investing financially. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a monthly donor, now is the time. 🙂 Every contribution helps. If you’d like more detail about our exact needs, please email us.


Prayer Needs

Book deadline:

Please pray for us from now until July 1 when Adriel’s manuscript is due. Pray not just for Adriel’s writing, but for the whole family as our lives are shifted around this monumental task.

Staff team:

Pray for us as we discern who to accept onto our YWAM staff team, as well as who and how/when to recruit specific staff we hope to join us.




We’re hosting a five-day Girl’s Gathering to bless fifteen women who are serving in full time ministry (pastors and missionaries). Please pray for a fruitful and refreshing time for these gals and that Ryan and I would be able to have things so well organized in advance (!!!) that we would be able to gracefully and generously serve these women while also caring for our beloved little boys well.


We’re hosting three more outreach teams from April through June—two YWAM teams from Australia and one church team from the USA.


Ryan and I (and Micah!) will head to Darwin for our annual YWAM Australia gathering and leaders meetings. The big boys will stay here with their grandparents so they can continue their schooling as normal.


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