How a little vintage camper is teaching us about rest+work+play+life

Home is where you park it - living in a caravan:camper. Love this tiny home!

So… we’ve done it. We’ve moved into a tiny home — a vintage caravan actually — where we’ll spend the next 6-10 months learning how to “live small so we can live big.”

As much as financial implications, family stability, the allure of future family getaways in a camper, and all the other little reasons have factored into our decision-making process, the greater incentive for our family was birthed out of a much deeper place.

Call it a moment of clarity, a flash of revelation, or a nudge from heaven, but during a time of prayer a couple months back we felt God gently speak that he wanted to teach us to live out of a place of rest. And although this is a theme Ryan and I have been talking about, praying into, and meditating on for almost two years now, in this moment God showed us that a caravan is—quite literally—a place of rest for us as a family.

Would we learn to live out of that – a place of rest?

What if God wanted to teach us how to rest by using a very tangible, every day reminder that we can live there? And—gasp—even learn to work and minister from there? continue reading>>>


3 thoughts on “How a little vintage camper is teaching us about rest+work+play+life

  1. Hey Adriel,

    When I click on the Continue Reading link – it goes to your blog but says the page is not found. I’ve tried twice. ??


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