This Christmas, give a gift that gives TWICE

The gift that gives twice

As part of our #GrowCampaign, we’re doing a t-shirt fundraiser with this beautiful hand-lettered design that was created and donated by our friend Andrew Frazer (adf designs).

For the Love of Sydney - vision & ministry philosophy

From now until December 1st you can order men’s and women’s t-shirts, v-necks, tanks, hoodies, and long-sleeve shirts, as well as kids sizes in all sorts of fun colours! They can be shipped worldwide and will be on your doorstep no later than the 20th… just in time for Christmas! And the best news? 100% of the proceeds will go toward our ministry start-up costs in Sydney!

For the Love of Sydney tshirt fundraiser

Thank you for supporting us as we GROW so we can PLANT in Sydney. We’re incredibly grateful for your help and encouragement! Love, the Booker family xo

Order adult sizes      Order kids sizes

Note: You may see ads at the bottom of this post. They are not selected, nor endorsed by the Bookers. All free WordPress websites contain ads, which is how they’re able to provide us a website at no charge. (We think that’s only fair.)


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