All about the #GrowCampaign

Introducing the #GrowCampaign

By now you’ve heard we’re preparing to plant a new ministry in inner-city Sydney.

You’ve heard that Sydney is home to one out of five Australians.

You’ve heard that 40% of Sydneysiders were born outside of Australia, making it one of the most diverse cities on the planet – a literal gathering place of the nations.

You’ve heard about the power and influence of this dynamic gateway city.

You’ve also heard that less than 8% of Aussies attend church.

You’ve heard that Australia has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the entire world.

And you’ve heard how God loves to restore broken things and make all things new.

Have you also heard how Jesus took a ragtag bunch of non-religious barely-adults and trained them up to make disciples and see the entire earth reached with the good news of Jesus’ love?


Sydney is a world-class city, attracting big business, heavy tourism, and a multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment industry. What’s not showcased on the news or online is that Sydney’s wealth and fast pace force many to the margins. The streets are filled with people hungry for connection, love, and kindness.

That’s why we’re starting For the Love of Sydney – an urban missions initiative – because we can’t get this picture out of our heads: the example of Jesus investing into these “nobodies” and showing them that they were somebodies, capable of changing the entire world if only they would follow Jesus and learn to love like he did.

As we pray and consider and dream about how to help see Sydney transformed, our dreams always come back to a grassroots, community-based approach of loving like Jesus and making disciple makers who will be a catalyst to transform this great city and impact the nations.


We can’t pursue this dream of city transformation on our own… And we believe that God, in his wisdom, has a very clear design for partnership between those called to the marketplace (the workforce) and those called to full-time vocational ministry like us. The Levitical priesthood lived by this model, Jesus lived by it, Paul lived by it, local church pastors live by it, and we YWAMers live by it, too. It’s the family of God funding the “family business.” Similar to the ministry model of Jesus or Paul, we need personal supporters to sustain our salaries plus our entire ministry budget so we can freely do our part in the work God sets before us.

As we prepare to plant a new YWAM base in inner Sydney, it would be ridiculous for us to think we can simply water a patch of ground and expect to be fruitful. Nope, we need good soil, seed, sun… and a bit 
of fertilizer. It’s the combination that creates something God can grow.

We are committed to watering and tending the garden God gives us, but we need others who are willing to till the soil (prayer), plant the seeds (monthly giving), shine some sunshine (social media sharing), and spread some fertilizer (one-time financial gifts).


ONGOING // We are raising funds for both personal and ministry expenses. This includes a home (rent) that is not only equipped to meet our family needs, but that can also accommodate meeting space for a small team, host prayer meetings, set up office space, etc. It also includes communications costs, outreach and ministry expenses, transportation costs, and personal items such as food, health and medical, kids education, etc. We are also working hard to build into our budget a long-term savings plan, emergency fund, and a travel fund for home assignments.

We’re currently operating at 60% of our projected annual budget, with the goal to be up to 100% of our monthly needed financial support by June. We are actively recruiting partners who will not just be “donors,” but who want to be a part of the work of missions through finances, prayer, advocacy, and encouragement. Our “best” supporters are not our largest donors; our “best” supporters are our committed friends who are building the Kingdom alongside us and see their support as more than a monetary transaction.

ONE-OFF EXPENSES // One of our top priorities for this year is to apply for Adriel’s Australian citizenship (her “permanent” residency is up for renewal in November) and Ryan’s green card (so he can track toward getting US citizenship). We feel it’s important to become citizens of each other’s nations to provide the flexibility our family needs for the future in case of emergencies or unforeseen events. We can only foresee global immigration becoming more and more restricted—or at least vulnerable—in the future, so we want to do this while it’s a non-issue (albeit an expensive/tedious non-issue!). There are a number of start-up costs for the year that we’re looking to fund as well. Aside from a large deposit on a rental unit, most of our one-off needs are to pay for the training and meetings we are attending. Our training will include seminars: Funding the Family Business (how to fundraise for ministry), Business Canvas Model, and a Leadership & Pioneering Seminar (as well as the transportation costs associated with these. We also have some key meetings scheduled for 2015 including an international YWAM gathering we need to attend that is taking place later this year in Townsville, Australia. (We’ve been to plenty of our Australian-wide leadership gatherings—we met at one!—but this will be our first ever mission-wide gathering and we are very excited that it’s finally in our home nation.)

Our first benchmark for start-up costs is approximately $20,000, which will cover all of the above. After we reach that target, we will re-evaluate the tier-two level items, which are important but less urgent.


Ways to get involved:

  1. soil // people to invest in tilling the soil of our ministry—join our prayer and intercession team
  2. seed // longterm supporters pledging to give through regular monthly support
  3. sun // advocates to promote, advocate for, and encourage the work on social media
  4. fertilizer // one-time financial gifts to assist in our training and start-up costs

partner in the planting—will you help us grow?




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