The one in which we contemplate moving into a caravan/camper

family caravan

One of the most liberating (and potentially anxiety-inducing, if we let it be) aspects of our sabbatical is that we are wide open to creative ideas about how to move forward with our plans and ministry and life in general. Sometimes this has been intimidating. . . but mostly it’s super exciting.

As we look at our accommodation options, basically everything is on the table, including the possibility of living in a caravan for a period of time (or a camper for all you Americans!) while we connect with the YWAM Wollongong community. (Why Wollongong? Read more here.) And as weird as it may sound to some, the idea is strangely attractive to us.

Why would we live in a caravan?

  • The cost of living in Sydney is crazy expensive. Living in a caravan could put an extra $7,000+ in our pockets that is not going toward traditional rent if we did it for a six month period. (Double that if we decide to do it for a year!) This would be great seed money for our long-term goal, which is to establish ourselves for urban ministry in Sydney.
  • We’d learn how to live more simply and intentionally as a family – something that would serve us well as we shape our lifestyle as we develop our vision for Sydney.
  • Our kids are young and don’t require much to keep them happy other than some space to play outside, a few well made toys (bikes!), a local library, and mom and dad’s attention every now and then. 😉 This could be an awesome way to grow as a family and create some special memories during a very unique season in our lives as we focus on preparation for the Something Bigger that God is calling us into.
  • Less electronics, more scrabble, less waste, more sleep, less spending, more intentionality, less distractions, more communication. (Less cleaning – does that count? Ha!)
  • And of course, we’d come out the other end of it with a small family caravan, ideal for low-cost future family holidays – something that would be a huge blessing since we already LOVE to camp. (Imagine the simplicity of weekend getaways – just pack a couple changes of clothes and a few meals worth of groceries on a Friday night and away we go. VERY attractive and motivating as we talk a lot about intentionally building rest in to our busy lives and cultivating the art of selah.)

Are you a piece of our puzzle?

We’re not set on the caravan option yet, but we’re very much investigating costs and leads and thinking through the implications of a life-style choice like this. Do you have a piece of the puzzle that might factor in to our decision-making process?

  • Do you own a caravan you’ve been considering selling?
  • Do you own or know of a friend who has a property in the Wollongong area that might accommodate a caravan for a few months? (Massive bonus points if there is a shed or something with an indoor bathroom! This cannot be understated and could possibly be a deal breaker. 🙂 )
  • Do you know a caravan park manager in the Wollongong region with a heart for ministry that might be interested in giving us a discounted rate as a way to help support our preparation for urban missions work in Sydney?
  • Or alternately, are you looking at traveling and need a house-sitter from November/December onwards for a period of time? We could be your family! (We’ll gladly maintain your lawns and walk your dogs and collect your mail!)

Please let us know if you have any leads or creative ideas that might factor in to our decision-making process.

All is grace, and why shouldn’t life be an adventure?

Adriel (for the family)


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5 thoughts on “The one in which we contemplate moving into a caravan/camper

  1. Every time I think about you guys and this adventure you are about to embark on, I can’t help but think of the Brownhill’s and what it must have been like for them when they set off to Perth with their young family. What an exciting time. I’m praying and trusting that the work you guys are doing will become a legacy like theirs, of thousands and thousands of lives being impacted with the gospel. There is definitely something appealing about the simplicity of living in a camper for a while. Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for your family in the coming months.

    • We’re thinking a smaller one for a few reasons: 1) We need to be sure our existing car can tow it. 2) We’re considering value for money and how much we could save up for our move to Sydney. 3) We want to be able to keep it even after we move into a house/apartment next year… and that means the smaller to store the better! (No way we can store a trailer downtown Sydney so we’d need to store it at Ryan’s folks place – so it needs to fit there!) Because of all that, we’re thinking a smaller trailer with an annex to create outdoor “living room” space for entertaining etc…. But yeah, a large motorhome/RV would be pretty sweet too. Just probably not for us. 🙂

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