A Radical Sabbatical report and our launch into… Sydney!


As a family we’ve now transitioned from the much-needed “rest” part of our sabbatical into the “preparation” phase as we pray, plan, and prepare to head to Sydney. It’s exciting to see things beginning to come together as we give words to our dreams and start to step out in faith to pursue the passions God’s weaved right throughout our hearts – specifically related to urban missions in this influential city that bursts with both need and opportunity… as well as the passion for helping to mobilize the church to LOVE in a city (and nation) that is largely unchurched and indifferent to the One Who Loves Perfectly. 

If you missed our recent newsletter where we shared more in-depth about our sabbatical and our journey of discovery, please read all about it here. Thank you for continuing to love and support and encourage us as we give our lives to tell His story and work to see heaven pulled down to impact those around us. It’s our joy and privilege to follow where we believe God is leading.



2 thoughts on “A Radical Sabbatical report and our launch into… Sydney!

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