America delivered.

The boys and I have now returned from our time in America. It was… how can I summarize?


Apart from missing Ryan/daddy incredibly, it was exactly what we all needed – being surrounded by family, the space and time to slow down and refresh, having few obligations, and the stunning weather that Central Oregon delivered. (In early June?? Miracles happen!)

I have not been very stellar at our thank you notes these last few months and my list just keeps getting longer. The amount of people who have intentionally (and unintentionally) blessed us is long and we are humbled and grateful and–seriously–there just aren’t enough words to thank you.

There isn’t a sliver of doubt in my mind that God is good… and His people really are too.

Thank you to those who have loved, prayed, fed, given, hugged, played, loaned, encouraged, supported, befriended, counseled, and embraced our family during this tricky season. We are full indeed… and daring to dream again.

Love, Adriel & the boys

Now here is a massive dump of some instagram favorites from our time in America. I think this tells the story a bit better than I can with my keyboard…

20130523-IMG_0355 20130523-IMG_0380 20130523-IMG_0396 20130524-IMG_0470 20130525-IMG_0435 20130525-IMG_0468 20130525-IMG_0469 20130525-IMG_0473 20130525-IMG_0499 20130526-IMG_0494 20130526-IMG_0517 20130530-IMG_0648 20130530-IMG_0649 20130530-IMG_0650 20130530-IMG_0653 20130530-IMG_0654 20130602-IMG_0722 20130603-IMG_0724 20130604-IMG_0752 20130604-IMG_0787 20130604-IMG_0788 20130605-IMG_0741 20130605-IMG_0789 20130605-IMG_0806 20130606-IMG_0805 20130606-IMG_0826 20130608-IMG_0001 20130608-IMG_9999 20130609-IMG_0017 20130609-IMG_0087 20130609-IMG_0092 20130609-IMG_0096 20130609-IMG_0109 20130609-IMG_9975 20130615-IMG_0155 20130615-IMG_0156 20130622-IMG_0583 20130622-IMG_0582 20130622-IMG_0580 20130622-IMG_057920130616-IMG_0167 20130617-IMG_0276 20130617-IMG_0282 20130619-IMG_0301 20130619-IMG_0312 20130619-IMG_0378 20130623-IMG_0598 20130620-IMG_0432 20130620-IMG_0447 20130620-IMG_0464 20130620-IMG_0465 20130620-IMG_0486 20130621-IMG_0498 20130621-IMG_0531 20130621-IMG_0538 20130621-IMG_0551 20130621-IMG_0552 20130621-IMG_0553

3 thoughts on “America delivered.

  1. Glad to hear the trip was amazing and a time of healing, etc. I really enjoyed the pictures, particuarly the ones of the boys sleeping throughout your flights…priceless.

  2. I have been reading your other blog for a few months and just popped over to this. thrilled you loved the USA I live inland just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah but we love to visit the Organ coast, and what a perfect time to go. Have a Merry Christmas.

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