Bringing light to dark places

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I’m writing today on my “other” blog about how my desire to confront my own selfishness fuels me to be an advocate for the poor even when I don’t always “want” to (or feel like it). Here’s an excerpt:

Now hear me out here: I’m no hero. I have my own issues. I sometimes fight over the remote control, too. I grumble or worry too often about my lack of sleep or my own financial “troubles,” and I lament about very important things like how I can’t get Honey Nut Cheerios in Australia.

All of that is part of the reason why I’m actively combating my own self-centeredness by doing what I can to serve the poor and advocate on their behalf. And honestly, that’s something that anyone can do, if only we’re willing to look beyond ourselves, step out, use what we have in our own hand, and do something. Continue reading>>>

This year, my “doing something” takes the shape of The Sunshine Project: Bringing light into the delivery room. The Love A Mama Community and I are doing our annual Mother’s Day drive to raise money to buy a solar suitcase so that we can literally bring light into the darkest of places where power and electricity is lacking.

The Sunshine Project - Bringing light into the delivery room. Help a mama in Papua New Guinea this Mothers Day by giving a gift to your own mom.

Why don’t you consider giving your mom a gift this Mother’s Day that also releases a gift to women in poverty in the remote regions of Papua New Guinea? Learn more about the Sunshine Project and how to give on behalf of your mom here. (Or, finish reading my post about combatting my own personal selfishness and making a difference despite myself here.)

Bringing light to dark places,

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