Come on kids, load up the Holden. We’re taking an Aussie road trip!


It’s time to take our new car for a proper road trip! Yes it is.

Sydney, here we come!

Our last family trip to Sydney was a year-and-a-half ago. In that time our church has changed pastors, loved ones have gotten married, had babies, lost jobs, gained or switched jobs, bought houses, sent their children to school, and everything else in between.

Even Ryan’s beloved “Sharkies” have won a few games. (Miracles happen, right?)

In any case, it’s high time we go and visit family, friends, and church… and have some good, quality time together.

We’ll be taking our time to drive down – stopping through MacKay, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Coffs Harbour to see friends. And taking our time to drive back up – seeing family and friends in Gosford, Newcastle, and Brisbane.

As long as we’re making the 30-hour drive both ways, we thought we’d make the most of it and try to break it up a little. (Trip to SeaWorld for the boys? Yes, we hope so!)


We’ll be arriving in Sydney late the evening of March 2nd and leaving on the 18th. Within that time Adriel will also be attending Colour Conference (Hillsong’s women’s conference – yahoo!) and we’ll also be taking a couple of nights to leave the kids with mum and dad so that we can steal away to celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Please pray with us that it will be a wonderful time to bond – with each other and with friends and family – and that God will meet us in every detail along the way: From providing for our petrol money to providing the means for a nice place to stay for our anniversary. From our meetings with supporters and stake holders to our times of relaxing and connecting with dear friends that we see far less than we’d like. And from building family memories into the tiny minds of our littles to reinforcing family values as we take time to seek the Lord and reaffirm just exactly where we are headed in this season to come.

Oh yeah, and if none of the above items have sparked your passion to pray for us… maybe you can just pray that we’ll not kill each other through our 60+ hours of driving?! (Feel free to leave tips for surviving–no, thriving–with toddlers on road trips in the comments. heh heh.)


If you’re in Sydney and would like to see us but haven’t heard from us yet, please do get in touch with me. We’re so excited to see you as many of you as we can!!

One thought on “Come on kids, load up the Holden. We’re taking an Aussie road trip!

  1. Hi Adriel and Ryan, Glad you are able to do so much on your road trip. We leave by air for Caloundra to visit Di and Juz and their 3 boys on 6 th March so will have to try and see you before we leave as we don’ t fly back till 21at march. Love Rhon and Rog

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