Our most amazing ever Christmas gift ever… that was awesome and amazing… and still is awesome… and will be forever. And ever. (Awesome, that is. Like amazingly awesome.)

You guys. YOU GUYS. This:


We never actually posted anything on the blog about our car since we’re pretty sure almost our entire network of friends and family follow us on facebook anyway (and would have seen our news there).

But…. if you missed it, we got our Christmas miracle… two days before Christmas!!

Do you want to see what a happy, extremely blessed and grateful family looks like?

It looks like this:

booker family thank you for new car

And here is us on Christmas Day with a message from our family to yours.

2012 Christmas Meesage from ryanbooker on Vimeo.

Hope your holidays were amazing. Ours sure were.

 booker family christmas card 2012

We love ya friends, we really do.

the booker family in bethlehem

Us xx

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