Wondering what to do with your sewing scraps?

Watching people receive their first pair of prescription eyeglasses or reading glasses in our optometry clinics in Papua New Guinea was incredible.

The immediate twinkle of joy in their eyes was tangible and contagious.

It’s easy to take for granted simple things like knowing that every morning I wake up, put in my contact lenses, and can see the world around me clearly. Every year I have a check-up, and if I need new glasses or contacts, I get them – simply and easily.

But some of these guys have spent years – perhaps lifetimes – waiting.

When this lovely gentleman showed me his new glasses I was struck by the plastic ziplock bag that held them.

No doubt this plastic bag would be kept safe as he uses it to store his glasses in each night. I imagined him pulling out this same plastic bag in years’ time, carefully sliding his glasses in and out of it, and wished I’d had mine with me so I could swap his bag for my case.

Having a case is not “necessary”, but how simple would it be for us to use our scrap fabric to make a few drawstring slip cases to take with us next year and gift to people as we hand out glasses? (Actual cases are too bulky, and although slip cases won’t protect against crushing, they will protect against scratching.)

If you’d like to make or donate some cloth slip cases for us to take to PNG next year, please let me know. I will gladly donate them to our optometry clinic and see that they’re distributed to grateful patients like him.

Please send slip cases to:
Adriel Booker
YWAM Townsville
PO Box 6221
Townsville, QLD 4810

2 thoughts on “Wondering what to do with your sewing scraps?

    1. Thanks so much Bek!

      No, I don’t have a preferred pattern. Just use a pair of large sunnies for your example – a small slip sack with a drawstring or snap would be great! Thanks heaps. 🙂

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