Good times had by all in America


Thanks to everyone for making our time in America so special. We are already homesick for our loved ones and for Oregon… and when I say “we” I mean all four of us (not just me!).

The kids travelled well (considering we had a 48-hour journey on the way over and a 36-hour one on the way back!) and we packed a lot into a short amount of time: 

Park dates, dinner with friends on top of Mt Bachelor, 4th of July parade and festivities, Elk Lake with the fam, birthday parties, speaking at four church services, over thirty “catch ups” with friends, four meetings with pastors, three dentist appointments, one optometry appointment, one meeting with the tax guy, shopping the summer sales, swimming and sunning, “hiking” on Smith Rock, pony rides, gardening, bubble blowing and wagon pulling, coffee drinking, instagramming, long boarding, church-going, attic digging, burrito consuming, s’mores making, beach combing, baby dedicating, vision-casting, recruiting, relationship building, family savoring, and memory making.


Of course our time went too fast – it always does – but we’re so grateful for the time we did have together with some of those we love most.




We’re now home recovering from jetlag and adjusting to “life as normal”. Not sure when our next visit to America will be, but until then… feel free to come visit the Bookers Down Under!!

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