It’s true. We’re boarding a ship and taking the entire family to Papua New Guinea.

We believe with our whole hearts that the entire family is called to make a difference in the world.

Yes, we just unpacked our bags… but we’re getting ready to pack them up again!!

In two-and-a-half weeks we head to Papua New Guinea to live on board this thing for a stint:

(How cool—and crazy—is that??!)

We are so excited to be taking the entire family on outreach on the YWAM Medical Ship. To us, this is the heartbeat of what we do – getting to travel into areas of poverty and need to share the amazing resources and hope we’ve been entrusted with. We believe with our whole hearts that the entire family is called to serve and can make a difference in the nations.

What will we be doing?

While onboard the ship we will be serving the ship directors in whatever capacity needed as well as assisting the medical workers as we’re able. Some days this might mean Ryan driving the Zodiac to ferry patients back and forth between the ship and land, some days it will mean talking with moms and playing with kids as they wait in line to see the dentist. Other days it might mean getting alongside our staff and praying with them and encouraging them to keep up their incredible work. It might mean rolling up our sleeves and helping with the dishes or scrubbing toilets. It might mean visiting with families in the villages and encouraging them in their faith. And still other days it will mean writing stories and capturing images of the incredible things God is doing in this nation in and through these beautiful people.

(For recent stories about the actual medical and relief work that we’re doing, check out this post. It’s so exciting – well worth a read!)

We’re full of faith to go, but we need your help to get there.

Our recent trip to America drained our savings and so we need help paying off our full outreach expenses. Can you help cover these costs?

  • Airfares for four – $1735
  • Travel medical insurance – $62
  • Room & board on the ship – $700
  • Malaria medication – $200*

This is a milestone for our family – our first outreach together to a developing nation – and we believe it’s a significant time in our lives, our ministry, and this nation we’re called to serve.

Thank you for believing with us and praying for us as we take this family adventure in serving and giving. And thank you for considering getting behind us financially as we represent you in this precious nation.

Adriel for B4
*I’m not sure how much the malaria medication will be so I estimated $50 per person. I’m hoping it’s not more than that but won’t know until we fill our prescriptions! (We have the scripts from our doctor, just haven’t gotten them filled yet.)

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