It’s a happy, happy Easter


I’m a holiday person. I love them all. (Any reason to decorate and celebrate and give gifts, really.)

But Easter?

Easter really is THE holiday isn’t it?

As much as I unashamedly l-o-v-e Christmas, I understand that Christmas wouldn’t be as significant as it is if it weren’t for Easter.

I adore the metaphores that are splashed around at Easter – the eggs, the spring chicks, the flowers, the baby bunnies, the sunshine, and the pretty, pretty, pretty. To me, it’s all so wonderfully representative of the new life that Jesus came to deliver into our hands.

Freshness. Possibility. Renewal. Growth. Second chances.

Life abundant.

So this Easter weekend (after having observed Passover on Tuesday at the base) we set out to make the most of the goodness of God as we celebrated together as a family and with friends during our glorious three-day weekend.

Good Friday was incredibly good… as we spent it together at the beach.

After our fill of sun, sand, swimming, and… ice cream, we came home and dyed some eggs.

On Saturday we hosted an Easter egg hunt and morning tea for all of our YWAM families here at our place.

How adorable is this photo of all the YWAM Townsville “big boys”? (The babies were busy being passed around and smooched.)

And Sunday we hosted several friends for a great feast… but not before first opening Easter baskets and having a family dance party to some Keith Green classics.

And as all good Easter weekends should end, we finished the day by lounging around the backyard and enjoying our gorgeous spring-like autumn weather. 🙂

It was a wonderful time of celebrating God’s goodness made tangible by the resurrection of his son Jesus.

From our family to yours, Happy Easter.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, we pray that this Easter you would be able to enjoy the depths of God’s goodness made available to us all.

Adriel for the Booker Four xxo

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