Six little bundles of joy

We’ve had a little baby boom around here.

This year, six women – who all happen to be my friends and coworkers in YWAM Townsville – have given birth… to these angels:

L-R: Caius (7.5mth), Lucy (16wks), Sage (12wks), Monty (6wks), Judah (6wks), Resina (3wks).

There are now six more (super-cute) reasons that the world is a better place:

And sixty more little toesies that are begging for kisses.

As much as moms need to lean on one other in order to flourish… so do our littles.

So glad we all have each other.

And so glad I have this one to call my own:

I am so grateful for these YWAM moms (and the others not pictured that don’t have a 2011 baby). They are a huge source of joy and wisdom and encouragement for me. And… I just love their precious babies too. The more, the better.

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