We still need some help getting ready for baby (due in 4.5 weeks!)

A few people have asked how they can help with baby’s arrival. The truth is, we don’t need much… but we do need some! It wasn’t that long ago that Levi was a baby himself… and since baby is a boy we are more than set in the clothes department… especially baby socks. We have socks coming out of our ears! 🙂 But there are definitely a few things we still need for this baby if you’d like to help us out practically. Here they are, listed in order of greatest need/priority:

A car seat adapter. This is an adapter that fits onto our stroller (Baby Jogger City Select) so that we can connect our baby capsule (infant car seat) to it and stroll both kids around at once. ($60 in USA or $89 here)

*Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads (2 pack). These are for breastfeeding mothers. Available in America, in stores like Target. ($10)

*Cloth diapers. Since we use cloth diapers and will have two in dipes at once, we need to increase our supply by about 15 diapers. We use BumGenius One Size and would like to stick to that brand so that we can intermix all of our old inserts and covers with the new ones. ($10-17 per diaper)

*California Baby Diaper Rash Cream. This is cloth-diaper safe cream that we can use without ruining our diapers. Available in America only, in stores like Target ($13)

Car seat protector. This is a rubber mat that gets laid behind and under the carseat in order to protect the car’s upholstery. ($25) 

A second cot/crib mattress. We were given a free crib that Ryan is fixing up but it needs a new mattress as the old one is… yuck. ($100-$130)

A cot/crib mattress protector. ($30)

A cot/crib blanket. ($30)

*Child Tray for Baby Jogger City Select stroller. This is an attachment for our stroller that allows a place for a snack and sippy cup. This one isn’t a “neccessity” but is something useful that we’d like to have. ($20 in USA or $45 here)

*Bugaboo Transport Bag (Universal). This is a padded, wheeled bag to pack your stroller into when you travel. Since we’ve just upgraded to a nice new (expensive) stroller that can accommodate two kids at once, we really want to take good care of it. It enables us to check in our stroller when we fly without it getting beat up, scratched, or torn. This one is also not a “neccessity” but is something we think would be a good investment and good stewardship for our nice stroller. ($160 in USA or $250 here)

Note: We have a couple of months before we will need the cot/crib mattress, mattress protector, and blanket since we’ll have baby in our room in a bassinet for the newborn stage.

Please let us know if you’re able to help with purchasing any of these items, or contributing finances to put toward them. Starred items (*) are things that we would buy from America in order to save money, as long as we’re able to do so in the next couple of weeks (in time for Adriel’s parents to bring them over).

Prayer Request: At the moment baby is in breech position. Please pray that he turns very soon… and remains head down! Adriel would really like to have a normal birth, not a repeat cesarean if at all possible!!!

[Photos of Adriel at 35 weeks pregnant.}



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