The best of the best

How do you pay tribute to someone so great?

I sometimes wonder how I ended up married to such a man as Ryan: tall, strong, capable, wise, kind, humble, compassionate, generous, loyal, steadfast, persevering, reliable, funny, faithful, trustworthy, resourceful, athletic, creative, intelligent, opinionated in all the things that matter, and incredibly handsome.

And then I look at my kids – Levi and my ever-growing bump – and I realize that part of the reason that I “deserve” such a man is because of these little treasures I call my children. Even if I didn’t “deserve” him… they do.

What an incredible father he is to them. I simply couldn’t ask for better: one who changes diapers, builds sandpits, brushes tiny teeth, kisses owies tenderly, prays earnestly, cooks chicken nuggets with joy, dances unreservedly, rocks and hushes in the night, disciplines with wisdom, teaches with patience, wipes grubby faces and fingers with care, chases and tickles and wrestles, cuddles with sweetness and affection, and sings lullabies gently and wholeheartedly.

He’s the kind of dad every kid deserves.

He’s the kind of dad that the world needs to hold our children when they’re in pain, cheer for them when they’re behind, say “well done” when they’ve tried their best, and proclaim “I love you” to them often and for no reason other than the fact that they are precious and valuable.

Happy Fathers Day to the best of the best:

I love you with all my heart Ryan, and it’s so clear that your kids do too.

Dear friends, it’s Australian Fathers Day today and I couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate the incredible dad that Ryan is.

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