Take a bite

A brief family & ministry update in bite size pieces.

{two of levi's current favorites - music (as always) and his new bike! thanks to freecycle for the cute trike, and thanks to ryan for transforming it into levi's new "captain america" tricycle masterpiece!}
  • Ryan is leading the Youth Street DTS with a fabulous co-leader and two other solid young leaders. They are a really grounded school and very wholehearted about pursuing God and serving youth. It’s a joy to watch them grow, and many of them would like to continue in youth ministry beyond the school in some capacity, which is a huge encouragement to us.
  • Adriel and Levi’s teaching trip to New Zealand was fantastic and refreshing. Although keeping an 18-month-old entertained through eight hours of travel and transit was no easy task, the week was totally worth it. Teaching went well (the subject was “Identity in Christ”), God was obviously on the move as we explored God’s original design for us and dealt with hindrances to walking in fulness of life with Him. We also enjoyed some special mommy and son time alone before baby brother comes bounding on the scene.
  • We are a third of the way to our fundraising goal of being able to purchase a new family-sized vehicle! We’re thrilled with the progress and with people believing in us enough to help make it happen. (Would you like to help? We’re still looking for $1000 contributors, or those willing to donate any amount!)
  • Within a matter of weeks we were given a brand-new iPad and laptop computer. The iPad has been an awesome tool for work, especially going in and out of meetings and the classroom (as well as a great way to help keep Levi quiet during prayer meetings – heh heh), and the computer was funded by a supporter only 24 hours after Ryan’s old one bit the dust. We’re so grateful to these two generous supporters for helping to keep us up and running and connected.
  • Adriel has just over six weeks to go until baby brother’s due date and things are progressing well. We’re all so excited to meet our little man and begin to see what his place in the world will look like. We have two top contenders for his name, but haven’t made our final decision yet. Still more prayer needed in that regard, but we’re confident that God will help us name him aptly and give him the best start in life possible. We love our little one so much. (Please pray for a smooth labor and birth for Adriel and bubs!)
  • Recently we’ve both been able to teach on “Relationships” on two different DTSs – Ryan on the Pacific DTS and Adriel on the Youth Street DTS. We unpack what it means to be in good relationship with God, parents, others, and romantic relationships. Teaching is an aspect of ministry that we both enjoy very much and it is a blessing and privilege to be able to help disciple young people in this incredibly important subject that spills over into all aspects of life.
  • Levi (18 months old) is hilarious and so dang smart! He has around 30-40 words now and we’re pretty sure he understands every single thing we say. He is exerting his independence and will on just about everything, and though it can be a parenting challenge at times, we are so, so grateful that he is growing into a boy who will have a firm resolve and won’t be easily swayed. Our job is to help hone that into a quality that will help him stand firm for all that is righteous and pure and loving and kind. We’re so proud of him and so in love with him.
  • We’re preparing to host all sorts of family and friends over the next couple of months and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Here’s who’s coming: Our pastor from Engadine (Sydney), Ryan’s parents, Adriel’s parents, Ryan’s sister and family, a friend from America, a good friend/supporter from Sydney, and another couple of friends from our church in Engadine. It will be a joy to have these loved ones with us as we morph into a family of four.

Thanks for your prayers as we are in up to our ears in life and ministry and transition and change! We’re very much in need of Grace and so aware that it’s impossible to thrive in this season without our Sustainer and Rock… or without our loving friends and family cheering us on. We love you and we appreciate you!

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