Our hunch was right

We’re having another…

What an awesome privilege to raise boys in a world that needs a few more good men! And… I’ll still be able to sign our blog posts “love Adriel & the boys” which I’ve grown quite fond of. Bonus.

We’re so excited to think about the bond of brothers and how much fun they will have! No doubt they will keep me busy (and in the kitchen), but I’m genuinely excited about having another adorable boy invade my heart. Levi has made me fall in love with little boys like I never thought possible. And of course Ryan’s glad about his growing soccer team. Or football team. Or basketball team. Whatever. 🙂

Now onto the challenge of thinking of boy names. (Which we find much harder than girl names!)

Baby is 19 weeks along and we look forward to my doctors appointment next week to hear all of the results of the scan. Can’t believe this pregnancy is nearly half finished already! Yikes.

We love our baby boy Booker, and we thank God for him!

love, adriel & the boys xx

4 thoughts on “Our hunch was right

  1. I remember when I visited YWAM Townsville with a group of Heatherton Christian College students, and we embarked on a ferry to Palm Island for Missions in August 2009. It was a group of us in Palm Island trying to figure out boys name for the your first born, and Aaron Clarke thought of the name Levi! Now your having a second & it’s a boy too! Congratulations! God Bless!

    1. Thank you Meg! We’re so excited!! And yes, Palm Island with you guys was so memorable. We had already pretty much decided on the name Levi and then when Aaron suggested it to me it was a really fun/weird confirmation. I believe it was God-inspired! Go Aaron! Maybe we should ask him for ideas for baby boy #2?! 🙂

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