A little update from the Booker Three

{our fun little guy is now 9.5 months old!}


TRAVEL | We’re getting ready to leave this Saturday for our trip to Sydney, YWAM Kona, and Oregon.

REST | God’s really spoken to us about this trip – to be intentional about making it one of REST and to be careful to not fill it up with running here and there and booking up our days with meetings and appointments and obligations.

SYDNEY | We start with five days in Sydney. It’s a bit shorter than we’d like but at least we’ll get some time with our new little neice Jasmine and Levi’s buddy “cousin Jackson” as well as Nanny & Bop, Ben & Koz, and everyone else. We can’t wait.

KONA | Next we head to Kona, Hawaii where we’ll celebrate American Thanksgiving with some good friends and then enjoy a YWAM Conference (called the Jubilee) with between 4000-5000 other YWAM staff and leaders from all over the world. We can’t wait to see what God does through this gathering.

OREGON | And finally we head to Oregon where we’ll have three weeks with family and [hopefully] enjoy a white Christmas. Did I mention that we can’t wait?!!

VACATION | Also while in Oregon we’ll be taking a few days, just the three of us, to steal away and enjoy some much-needed family time at my aunt and uncle’s vacation house. You guessed it… we can’t wait.

ANNIVERSARY | On December 10th we’ll be having a 10 year anniversary celebration in honor of our first decade in missions. If you’re in the area, it would mean a lot to us if you come!!! (7pm Dec 10 @ Westside Church)

PRAYER | Would you please take a moment to pray for us as you read through this list?

  1. Pray for the rest of our finances to finish paying off our plane tickets. (We’ve seen $1500+ but still need another $3500 ASAP.)
  2. Pray that we really will be able to rest and be refreshed on this trip. It’s been a huge year for us and will be another big year ahead! This is our first family holiday in almost two years and we need it.
  3. Pray that we’ll have great quality time with our extended family.
  4. Pray for our 10 Year Anniversary in Missions celebration event in Bend on December 10 – lots of people to come and that we’d be able to clearly convey what God’s done in and through us over the last 10 years in missions!!!
  5. Pray for snow at Christmas. (Please don’t hate me if you’re in Bend and you think it’s a nuisance! *insert sheepish grin here*)

With thanks & love,
Adriel & the Booker Boys

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