Two weeks in the Hotel of God {500 billion star rating}

By Ryan

Just recently Adriel, Levi, 19 students from around the world, 5 staff and I packed up our stuff, dusted of our camp gear and went bush for 2 weeks to see God in new ways.

We left Townsville and headed to Paluma range, as we headed up we fought of travel sickness from the windy roads, we tried to keep our heads forward to sooth our queasy stomachs but got distracted from the beautiful view that started to unfold before our eyes. As we headed up the range we were HIT, hit by the beautiful smells of the rainforest and embraced by its coolness and swallowed up by the clouds that dressed the forest.

As we drove through the forest and came out of the other side and enter the rough beauty of the Aussie bush, the clouds were still with us and stayed with us for the next two weeks bringing rain, cool weather, protection from the sun, leaky tents, damp bedding, unwashed clothes from no sun. All the perfect ingredients for a GREAT time in the bush with God and friends.

The first week the staff took a day each and shared there story and what God has done in there lives and covering topics like submission, obedience, fruit of the spirit of God etc. The first day we arrived I shared on how you “share your story with God” to others. And basic structure to speaking on the Bible or a topic. And from that all the students had a 15 min slot over the next two weeks to do that. And as many of them started to, they overcame there fear of speaking, to “do I really have story to share?” we saw them suddenly know God from there head to there heart in new ways and see that God has given them a powerful story.

Sunday (2nd week of camping) comes and it’s my turn to share and for the next 5 days I talked on topics, making Jesus the king of our life/heart, what it is to have a health fear of Lord (not being like Jesus Christ), how pride will destroy life and separate us from God and how humility draws us closer to God. One night that week we sat under the stars to watch a DVD on “how great is our God – Louie Gigglio (spelling unsure), and he talks about the greatness of Gods universe and then the detail of his creation, US. That week we spoke about what it takes to be true follows of God, but also reminded and learnt the AWESOMENESS and GREATNESS of God.

By the end of the week we were sold out to be disciples of Christ not just talkers of him. And that were ever God calls us we will be people that are used to harvest the crops that are ready not just sit on the fence and hope that someone does it.

2 thoughts on “Two weeks in the Hotel of God {500 billion star rating}

  1. Truly blessed. beyond what i ever imagined. God is amazing. SO FAITHFUL to bless you, who have been so faithful to Him.

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