Back from the bush

We’ve just returned from camping at Hidden Valley with the Discipleship Training School! Ryan was there for two weeks with the school, and Levi and I joined him for four days. (Levi and I left early due to rain. Ever tried to entertain an active, crawling baby in a tent for more than a few hours? Mmmm…)

It was an amazing time with the students to get out and enjoy God’s great earth, build relationships, worship around the campfire, and have some great teaching in a dirtier classroom than usual.

Ryan spoke on Lordship, covering such things as surrendering your life, your calling, and the future to Jesus, giving Jesus Lordship over areas of your life, what it means to not fear man but fear God, and living whole-heartedly for Christ.

It was a powerful time of revelation and breakthrough for the students, filled with many opportunities for encouraging and mentoring these awesome young people.

Thanks for your prayers during this time. We saw some real victories!

And, of course, we know you want to see a few photos of Levi’s second camping experience… Who can resist this face?

One thought on “Back from the bush

  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve visited this page, but love, love, love the photos! Kinda have to get my Levi fix daily … Gigi xo

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