We’re dreaming of a white Christmas

The Bookers on the go.
We’re in the beginning stages of planning for our family holidays at the end of this year. Our plans are to head to Sydney for  a  week at the end of November to spend time with family, friends, and ECC and then we will have three weeks in America during the lead-up to Christmas. It will be my first Christmas at home in five years and Ryan’s first Christmas in America (Levi’s too!) so we’re praying it will be a white one!! By that time we’ll be three months shy of two years since our last family trip to our hometowns, so we’re more than just a little bit excited and looking forward to the chance to be with our loved ones.

Jubilee YWAM Gathering in Kona.
In between Sydney and Oregon, we will have a week stop-over in Kona, Hawaii at the YWAM base where we’ll take part in an international YWAM conference (called the Jubilee) to celebrate our 50th year as a mission. We’ll be celebrating what God has done over the last half century and join with other staff and leaders from around the world as we pray and seek God about what the next 50 years will hold. We are so, so excited to be able to coincide our trip with this the Jubilee and feel it’s an important part of us linking in with our mission internationally.

Time for a rest.
While in America, we hope to take 5-6 days just the three of us to have a break with no schedule and no agenda other than relaxing, enjoying each other, and creating family memories. And then of course we want to spend time with our extended family and doing holiday stuff – parties anyone? Church? Christmas decorating and shopping? Starbucks?? Yes please!

The Bookers in Missions 10th Anniversary Celebration.
Since it will be a very short time at home (just over two weeks when you factor in the travel time), we won’t have the opportunity to meet up with people one-on-one like we normally do. We are, however, planning a big anniversary celebration for our ten years in YWAM. We really hope that many people will be able to make it out to celebrate with us as we look back over our 10 years in missions.

More details to come, but please mark your calendars and set aside Friday, December 10th (7:00pm). It will be a party you don’t want to miss!

We need your prayer. (Really.)
Please pray for us as we have a lot of planning to do for the trip and the anniversary party, as well as raise finances for our plane tickets back to America. Pray also that we’ll be able to find good, decent-priced airfares (which is especially hard over the holiday season) for the dates we need.

Are you able to help us with any of our planning, the party, or with sponsorship toward our plane tickets? If so, please do let us know. We’d be most grateful!

2 thoughts on “We’re dreaming of a white Christmas

  1. Adriel! I’m so pleased to hear that you’ll be in Bend for the holidays! Patrick and I will be there, too! The totally lame thing is, we don’t get there until the 18th! I would have loved to have made it to your party. Congrats on 10 fruitful years, and thank you for giving your lives to the Lord, on so many levels. I know the odds of us seeing each other is small, but I will be thinking of you, and praying for (non-travel interfering) snow. 🙂


    PS-Cripes, I almost forgot to tell you! I’m pregnant!!! 🙂 almost 12 weeks. ! Terrifically excited. BTW, your mommy blog is beautiful…

    1. Oh Marta! WOW and congratulations! That is great news!! Being parents is the hardest, best, most FUN, amazing, terrifying, awesome, beautiful thing in the world! 🙂 You will love it… AND you’ll be great parents. SO happy for you! 🙂

      And wow, Bend at the same time? Oh, that’s awesome. You never know… Would be awesome to see you guys. We’ll see how things pan out!

      love adriel

      p.s. How many times can I use “awesome” in one comment?! 😉

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