Some baby briefs:

Levi will be seven months old this week. He has two teeth, with two more visible under the surface. He can also now sit himself up (from laying down). He weighs a million pounds. He has dark, dark brown eyes. (Beautiful.) One of these days he’s going to be climbing right out of the crib. He doesn’t just crawl to get toys now, he crawls to simply explore and will bolt in and out of rooms and follow mama or daddy around the house. He’s loving his newly cloth diapered bum and sometimes drinks water from a sippy. He eats all sorts of things but likes sweet potato best. He can pull himself up to standing if he’s holding onto your fingers or something else and he’d stand all day if he could. He also loves to practice walking with help, and his balance is getting much better.  His favorite moments of the day are jonny jumper time and bath time and being-tossed-in-the-air time. Oh, and he also likes being smothered with mama’s kisses or being crash tackled by daddy… as evidenced by his outrageous giggles. He’s called me ‘mama’ a few times and he’s stolen our hearts over and over again. Oh yeah, and he’s as cute as ever… only cuter.

And for a minute-and-a-half of your giggling enjoyment:

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