We are a teaching family

I just finished a week teaching on Missions on the DTS. Although I’ve done some teaching since Levi was born, it was the first time I’ve done an entire week. Ryan took him to work early so that I could get ready on my own in the mornings, then I’d come down to the base and teach. Levi would sleep in his porta-cot in the empty classroom next door and I would nurse him during morning tea. It all worked out really great.

While awake, Levi would crawl around the back of the classroom with Ryan or one of the other staff and play quietly (most of the time). It was fun to all be in class together, and a great picture of our family working together to do what we feel called to do in ministry. Fun. Oh, and there was only one time I stopped mid-sentence because Levi started booking it down the centre aisle toward me. Cuteness like that is hard to ignore. Highly distracting.

But the teaching… We looked at how the church is growing in the world, what the challenges are (poverty, injustice issues, etc.), which nations and people groups still have yet to hear the Good News, and how we can influence society and shape the future by “discipling nations” through the different spheres of society (media, government, church, education, science and tech, arts and entertainment, and the home). It was an awesome week together with some good opportunities for God to impress hearts with the things he cares about.

Next week Ryan will be teaching on the subject of the Lordship of Christ – always a great subject to teach and very eye-opening for the students. He’ll be covering such things as surrender, the fear of the Lord, finding freedom in Christ, and following after God whole-heartedly.

Please pray for Ryan as he prepares, and pray for the students – that truth would sink deeply into their hearts and that God would translate the teaching into revelation for them. Pray also for the students in relation to the missions teaching – that God would continue to unpack it for them and show them their next steps in following the call on their lives.

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