Bare feet on the beach

I was so excited to be outside, enjoy the sunshine, and take some photos during our Sunday picnic at The Strand this last weekend.

As we sat under the warm winter sunshine, I happily clicked away, as did Ryan (meaning I was actually in some photos – so fun), and I then proceeded to delete most of them the next day. {oops} And of course the deleted ones were the best ones. {go figure}

My week has been full of those types of blunders. {sigh}

But our beach day? That was no blunder.

It was sunny and beautiful and relaxed and… perfect.

{one photo of my boy and i that i didn’t manage to accidentally delete}

Photos or no photos… we had a gorgeous family day out in the sunshine. That’s the important thing.

Palm trees swayed in the breeze. Sand warmed our toes. Grass crawled with ants. Water sparkled. Kids splashed and laughed in the distance. Teenagers held hands. Grannies sat watching the scene – taking it all in.

{future photographer: “try another f-stop, mama.”}

Ryan BBQ’d. Levi ate grass. (Or at least tried to.) Mama exposed her white legs to the sunshine.

We had the why-don’t-we-do-this-every-Sunday conversation… yet again.

We marveled at our son, and how strong and tall and mobile he has become. He is just itching to stand on his own and walk… And we keep telling him he has to wait until after Christmas. (Walking baby on a 22-hour overseas plane trip? No thank you. Stay put son.)

He loved rolling around on the blanket and chomping on our fingers with his new teeth and helping mama take photos. {read: eating the camera}

We looked around us and remembered how beautiful life is, how blessed we are, and how gorgeous winter in the tropics is.

Summer is dreaded. But right now… August, sweet August… how we love you.

Linger on sweet winter days at the beach. Linger on.

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