Going green for baby’s bum

I recently applied for a grant for cloth diapers available to missionary families… and just found out that we received it!

We are receiving a package of 15 all-in-one cloth diapers by BumGenius, as well as inserts/liners, cloth wipes, cleaner, and two wet-bags. In Australia the 15 diapers alone would cost us $570 (at $38 each if you can believe it!) and that’s not even including all the extra liners and other stuff they are giving us. In total we’re probably looking at around $700 AUD worth of cloth diapers and diapering accessories. We are so, so blessed by this.

I’ve thought for a long time that I wanted to switch to cloth diapers when Levi was around six months old. I figured I needed some time to just get used to the daily life of having a baby without adding the extra laundry and care of cloth diapers… and so six months was my goal. And what do you know? The package should arrive to our doorstep about a week or two before Levi’s half-birthday!

This is a great answer to prayer since the outlay for getting started with cloth is very expensive! And of course, we’re pretty excited make the switch for other reasons too:

1) This just feels a bit more responsible since it means we’re not contributing to the landfills with more disposables that take 500 years to decompose.

2) This also means we’ll be saving a truck load of money. (You think diapers are expensive in America… you should see costs in Australia – ouch!)

So, this is an answer to prayer, and a very exciting little blessing to our family. Amazing how God cares about everything isn’t it? Even how we look after dear little Levi’s bum. *grin*

One thought on “Going green for baby’s bum

  1. Can I just say I LOVE hearing stories like this. It’s so encouraging and a HUGE reminder of God’s provision eh? I love how He truly cares for babies bums…just like you said. Heehee!! Keen to know how you go with it in regards to the laundering side of things and the expenses with that. I know my kids aren’t in diapers/nappies anymore, but I know some who are and they have similar questions about going to cloth. This would be an awesome article for your Mom blog as I’m sure plenty of Moms/Mums out there would love the feedback. 🙂

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