How do you find “The One”?

By Ryan

Just recently I (Ryan) had the privilege to speak on one of our DTS. I spoke on the whole area of relationships. This for me was the first time I had spoken on this topic. I usually speak on Lordship. But this is an area that I have really wanted to talk on for a while. Its an area that as I talk to many youth about as they frequently seek my advice about their struggles in how to relate to others (especially the opposite sex!). Not that they use those words but as we talk it comes clear. Whether it is their peers or people older or of difference to them. And a lot of conversations I have is how to have good relationships and reminding them that is not something that we do once and is all good but it is a skill that we develop over time as we relate to someone (of course this is what I believe).

So when I got the invitation I jumped at the chance to teach. We covered a number of area of relationships. Things like how do you honour parents and families, how to relate to those you work with, your friends and then the big one – how do I find The One.

We spent a fair bit of our time looking at King David’s relationship with the Lord. And what did David do to have been labeled “a man after Gods own heart” Acts 13:22. So as we looked at that and found that even though David made lots of mistakes and bad choices that it was his wholeheartedness, fear of the Lord, and intimacy in relationship with Lord that gave him that title.

We had a lot of fun and learnt new things as we talked about what does it me to have good relationship weather it be friends, brothers and sisters, peers, girlfriends and boyfriends or God. A journey we are all on and still working out.

Looking forward to learning and growing in this area and more opportunities to speak on relationships in the future 🙂

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