Oh my goodness, how life has changed

Life has changed.

A thousand people can tell you that life radically changes when you have your first child. But can anyone prepare you for the way your heart is unlocked?

Oh. . .  my. . .  goodness. The expression “melts my heart” takes on entirely new meaning.

Ryan and I have had our world turned up-side-down. Yes, the sleep is interrupted. Yes, there are more loads of laundry than ever before. Yes, our calendars now factor in nursing and naptimes. Yes, we now stand at a change table far more than we stand under a shower. Yes, we now wear a combination of both perfume and baby spit up. . . 

And yes. . . we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Levi is about to turn three months old. It’s hard to believe our little floppy newborn with the squishy nose and tiny bum can now hold his head strong, make faces, and both cry and “talk” to us in ways which express different needs and emotions.

He is a wonderful baby. (But then again, what baby isn’t wonderful? They just are.)

Sure, he poops on us every now and then. Sure, he sometimes cries so hard you’d think we were pinching him or starving him. Sure, he wakes us during the sweetest sleep.

But this is our boy. . .  Our beautiful boy.

He’s a little bit of Ryan (I swear he has Ryan’s feet). And he’s a little bit of me (he sleeps like me with his arms over his head). And he’s every bit Levi Scott Booker – completely unlike either of us.

He’s already teaching us so much – perfect love knows not performance or achievement or behaviour or accomplishment or failure or weakness. We love him just the way he is – our “perfect” baby. And he loves us just the way we are – Daddy’s funny faces and Momma’s silly songs. We are as perfect to him as he is to us.

We’ll enjoy these sweet years of being his “favourites” before he discovers our many flaws and shortcomings. And in the meantime–and I’m sure, beyond–no doubt we’ll learn so much from each other.

Thank you dear God for this most precious of all gifts. We absolutely love being Levi’s parents.

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